EXXA Becomes Proofpoint Reseller



EXXA is proud to become a reseller of Proofpoint products.

Proofpoint is next generation email protection software that currently protects over half of the Fortune 100. 
Their core technology includes: 

Machine Learning Technology (MLX) Spam Filter Engine 

Imposter Classifying Engine 

Targeted Attack Protection (Attachment and URL Defense) 
Through aggressive innovation and by creating market leading products, Proofpoint has been recognised by third party analysts, including Gartner, year after year as a proven leader in the Email Security Space. 
Proofpoint can update and deploy its defences rapidly, staying ahead of advanced and targeted attacks, and can cover users everywhere they go – on any network or device. 

Arche-type can help integrate Proofpoint in to your existing email system.

Arche-type becomes Proofpoint Partner


Proofpoint website: https://www.proofpoint.com/us



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