200% increase in phishing attacks since #covid-19

verify the sender

One of the top techniques used by hackers is to create an email with a familiar name. Double check to ensure the name is in the same format as past emails and check the “reply to” address. A middle initial being left out or extra space between first and last name are giveaways of a fake email.

verify the domain

Another popular technique will use a familiar name bit fake address or manipulated domain.
For example your HR Directors name, but an email from a previously unused email account like Another example is a misspelling in the domain itself like

inspect grammar, spelling and content

Odd spacings, strange grammar and misspelled words in the body of the email are dead giveaways of a fake email. Additionally urgency or other unusual call to actions require further investigation. A good example is ‘review attached document”, or “click link to update information”

hover over hyperlinks

Many times a ransomware attack begins because someone clicks on a hyperlink. If you see an interesting link, hover your mouse over it (but don’t click it). Look for the underlying URL. If you dont recognise the URL destination, don’t click it and notify your security team or your company’s leadership.

verify authenticity by calling or texting

If you believe you have received a fake email. Contact the original sender by calling or texting them to confirm. If you are the recipient of the fake email, notify your Security team or Company’s leadership and be sure to indicate you have a received a suspicious or fake email. You can also notify the anti-phishing workgroup at

Ensure you have 24×7 protection for g-suite and office 365

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