New Year, New Name

This year we’ve changed our name from Arche-type Australia to EXXA.
We’d like to make sure that we remain in touch, so here’s a link you can bookmark if you need help for your business IT issues:

Cloud Migrations


Save money and hassle moving from old on premises solutions to the cloud. Always on, no drama. 

Automated Backups


How prepared is your business if your office goes down and your data is lost? Recover quickly from anywhere.

VOIP Hosted Phones


Get your phones hosted in the cloud from one phone to a full hosted system. All the features for less.

IT Managed Services Brisbane


Your personal IT department. Support and service is available at the end of the phone or by email.

Office 365 Software Brisbane


Great deals on Microsoft 365 Business and Enterprise and Office 365 Business / Enterprise and More.

IT Consulting Brisbane


Contact us to arrange a free consultation to get you started. Get in touch today.

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We improve IT functions to better meet your business needs 

Managed IT Services -  For every part of your IT infrastructure:
  • Onsite and offsite backups
  • Security for your IT services and data
  • Cloud Migrations and Services
  • Server and Network Configuration
  • Online store for the best software and hardware products. 
  • Office Setups
  • Desktop Support
  • Phone System Hosting



Social Reviews from google - Exxa formerly known as Arche-type

Brendan Staun

5 out of 5 stars

Great service, great support. Totally recommend!

Gregory Robinson

5 out of 5 stars

Arche-type have provided services for projects ranging from HPC applications design, implementation and support to AWS design and implementation for research applications. I would highly recommend them.


5 out of 5 stars

Arche-Type have looked after all my IT issues for the last few years. They are super prompt, reliable, professional and most importantly have been able to fix everything that has come up. Highly recommend!

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