Automate your backups to the Cloud

Automatically backup your mission critical data to the cloud on a schedule set by you to adhere to any compliance or governance requirements.

We can help you utilise different technologies from AWS and Microsoft Azure to best suit your requirements and budgets.



AWS Technologies

AWS has a wide array of technologies that can be used for archival and backup purposes, from the simple scheduled tasks solutions for workstations and small servers using S3 archiving to Glacier for super cheap storage, to an implemented fully hybrid storage approach using AWS Storage Gateways using virtual tapes, volumes or files.


S3 / Glacier storage for simple and cost efficient copies / syncs



AWS Storage Gateways for more advanced Data backup Requirements



Microsoft Azure Technologies

Microsoft Azure has several options based on use case and requirements from a small office (Azure Backup) to large Enterprise deployments (StorSimple).


Azure Backup to schedule backups of Server and Workstation using an agent (Windows only) to backup files and System state


Azure Site Recovery to fully replicate VMs to the cloud - allows quick recovery and full DR capability for mission critical resources


Azure StorSimple for Enterprise Storage Gateway backup to Cloud - for very large Enterprise deployments